East Gippsland CfC Consultative Partnership


  • Increase cross sector collaboration to promote a more coordinated service system for children aged 0-12 and their families in East Gippsland;
  • Increase links between adult and child focused services around Early Years.


The Consultative Partnership Group will undertake a range of tasks to support the East Gippsland CfC program. Activities include:

a)    Contributing to increasing collaboration between health, education, early childhood and community/family services to promote equity, access and improved pathways for children and families;

b)    Participating in creating opportunities for parents/carers and children as services users to have a voice in planning service developments that promote family centred approaches;

c)    Providing advice and support on strategies to ensure CfC funded activities reach vulnerable families and children in our community;

d)    Sharing information, practice models and PD opportunities to strengthen current services and referral networks for families and young children;


Membership of the Partnership group is open. Broad categories of membership include representatives from the following sectors:

  • Non-government organisations (NGOs) that deliver children’s services;
  • NGOs that deliver adult services;
  • NGOs that deliver family support services;
  • Schools and pre-schools;
  • Parents and community members;
  • State Government services;
  • Local Government services;
  • Parent representative;
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community representative.

Membership at both an organisational and individual level is voluntary and sitting fees are not paid. Parent or community members attending in their own time can be reimbursed for expenses such as travel and childcare to support their participation.

Membership of the Paternship Group will be informed by the program’s requirements under the Australian Government’s Family Support Program and the need to establish new relationships with various sectors. Membership of the Partnership Group is open to representatives from organisations/services and communities committed to working collaboratively to improve services and supports for children and families in East Gippsland.

Consultative Partnership Group Forums/Network Opportunities

The Consultative Partnership Group will be invited to participate in Working Groups and Networks relevant to Early Years (see diagram attached).  Individuals/groups will also be consulted with on an as needs basis to provide advice and expertise on particular areas. A minimum of one forum will be held annually as an opportunity to bring together stakeholders.

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