Wellington Shire Children Drawing Competition

And the winners of the Wellington Shire Children Drawing Competition are…





Age 3

“Me and my friends at the swimming pool”




Age 4

“I like to go to the park. I go to the park with my mum, dad and Amelia. In the park there’s a slide, a ladder, trees, birds. I am going to find a feather. Birds came with feathers. It felt down to ground. Mum and dad just found a feather. Mum and dad say “hooray!!! We found a feather Liam”. I just take the feather and I take it home with me”.

 Cover drawing


Age 8

“I like leading my calf around with a harness”.




Age 11

“I like watching the wild brumbies run! And the clatter of hooves thats how I know I’m home?”



The judges were very impressed with the effort that all the children put into their drawings. The judges chose eight other drawings which they felt deserved an honourable mention. Please Click here to see these drawings




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