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Majority of the activities are contracted to local organisations (Community Partners) to deliver activities and services.  UnitingCare Gippsland as the Facilitating Partner delivers a few of the CfC services and activities.  Please click on the following links to find out more about CfC East Gippsland activities.

2015 – 2017 Facilitating Partner Activities

The Community Links Activity is delivered by UnitingCare Gippsland and is based within the Communities for Children team. This part-time funded position has a key role in facilitating partnerships/ networks and developing referral pathways across community service organisations that support children and families to access services easily. The Community Links position promotes the services and funding opportunities that the Communities for Children Program have available, enabling opportunities to value add to existing services and identify gaps in services for children and families.

2015 – 2017 Funded Activities 

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2015 – 2017 Community Partner Activities


Community Partner – Gippsland Lakes Community Health

The BOUNCE BACK! Wellbeing & Resilience Program addresses the environmental building blocks and the personal skills for fostering resilience in children and young people. The program focuses on coping skills to help children and young people respond positively to the complexity of their everyday lives. Children are taught how to ‘bounce back’ after experiencing sadness, difficulties, frustrations and hard times.  Bounce Back will be implemented during school holidays with follow up during the school term.  Strengthening East Bairnsdale sports project – co-ordination to further establish and consolidate connections between the East Bairnsdale community and local sporting facilities, eliminating barriers and maximising participation opportunities.

  • Bumps to Babies

Community Partner – Gippsland Lakes Community Health

The Bumps to Babies (BTB) group (formally the Youth Pregnancy and Parenting Support Group) has been very successful in engaging young mothers and their children.  The focus of this activity is to support the young mothers to transition to other activities and services beyond direct involvement with the Bumps to Babies program.  A key element will be involving the participants in identifying activities and services of interest

  • Pizza and Parenting

Community Partner– Gippsland Lakes Community Health

Casual parenting discussion nights for fathers. Coordinated by MCH Service of FYCS Unit GLCH.  A significant component of this activity will be the actual development of the sessions and engagement of fathers.  The facilitators of this activity will develop strategies and approaches which are supported by the research and the previous work conducted through the Father Inclusive Practice Scoping Project.  This activity will inform and utilise the Father Inclusive Practice resources (rollover funding activity).

  • Volunteer Family Connect

Community Partner – Good Beginnings

The Volunteer Family Support Program involves recruiting and training volunteers to visit and support families in their own homes within Bairnsdale, Lakes Entrance and Orbost.  Volunteers are matched with a family with children between 0-6 years old, who have expressed a need for regular outreach visits to provide social and parenting support.

  • Play 2 learn

Community Partner – Good Beginnings

Play 2 Learn is a community based, supported play and learn program for under school age children that successfully engages hard to reach families from vulnerable communitiesThis activity provides preschool children with an opportunity to engage in physical activity with their parents on a weekly basis.

  • Baby Massage

Community Partner – Good Beginnings

Developed based on attachment theory and the importance of the parent-infant relationship development.

  • Swifts Creek P 12 Schools as Hubs

Community Partner –

The Schools as Hubs coordinate will link families with services and with other families through a range of soft entry activities (literacy activities, rhyme time, book bags, kinder gyms, transition programs)

  • ORH Parents under pressure

Community Partner – Orbost Regional Hospital

An enhanced outreach home-based program to help the parents work towards their own parenting goals. The program will be individualised to suit each family with families supported to work towards goals both within their own resources and networks and through engaging with the wider community and appropriate support services

  • ORG Puppets and Play

Community Partner – Orbost Regional Hospital

This activity provides preschool children with an opportunity to engage in physical activity with their parents on a weekly basis. This activity is run at multiple locations across Orbost and surrounding towns through primary schools.  The ‘bringing up great kids’ program will provide parent learning strategies within Puppets and Play.

  • LEAHA Parenting Hub

Community Partner –

This activity will provide a flexible program that will evolve and be driven from engagement with families. The development of the parenting hub will provide a space for parents to share their on the ground wisdom. This will be supported with evidence based activities and services matched with the needs identified by families to improve the outcomes for children and families

  • Community Wellbeing Program

Community Partner – Berry Street

Activity will be a combination of capacity building through mentoring/coaching and direct service delivery with the focus of supporting families affected by trauma and emotional issues.  The activity will work with approximately 2 – 3 early childhood settings and 2 – 3 primary schools in the Bairnsdale area.

  • The Little Green Frog

Community Partner – UnitingCare Gippsland

Little Green Frog will use the unique position is has in regards to the ability to reach rural and remote communities and focuses on facilitation in building the capacity of other services (including Community Partner activities) to deliver services and activities in rural/remote communities.  Little Green Frog will facilitate and link rural communities with Community Partner activities and services and support them to be able to reach these communities.

  • Wellbeing Programs Activity

Community Partner – UnitingCare Gippsland

Provide opportunities for schools to link with services to support the emotional wellbeing of students and families through the provision of a suite of evidence based early intervention programs including;

• Drum beat

• Secret Agent Society

This activity includes the provision of Secret Agent Society and Drumbeat training and the resources to support the programs.


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