Aboriginal Child & Family Grants – Previously Funded Projects

The following are examples of activities which have been funded through the Aboriginal Child and Family grants;

Aboriginal Preschool Trainee Assistant – Lakes Entrance Preschool

This project is designed to broaden 13 Koori Early Years Trainees confidence and knowledge in their local Koori history and language by providing specific training in language and culture.   It is envisaged that this will strengthen the presence of Koori Early Childhood workers ability to attract and support  Koori children participating in both childcare and preschool services.    This project supports training for 13 trainees in Indigenous Language, Culturally significant stories ,sites and tours will be undertaken by  Grattan Mullet (The Keeping Place), Doris Patten (Gunai  Language Council) and Kathryn Mullet (Boran Cultural Tours).

Cultural Experiences – Cann River P-12 College

This project focuses on cultural and health promotion activities for the Aboriginal community living in Cann River. This project is aiming to consult with families, school and Aboriginal Elders to help support and plan cultural activities that encourage: –

  • Participation of Elders to teach and support ‘outdoor’ activities such as fishing, bushwalking and cultural traditions in the school environment.  This helps connect families and build strong family ties.
  • Organise art/craft/sport and cultural tradition workshops as ways for children to connect with land.


Aboriginal Garden – Lakes Entrance Primary SchoolThis project aims to promote local Aboriginal culture within the school environment.  It provides students with an opportunity to develop pride, knowledge within the local cultural context.  The aim is to assist indigenous parents and students to feel more connected to the school community via participation and shared knowledge.


The school plan to: –

  • Engage Elders as guest speakers to teach students about Gunai Kurnai culture and traditions, especially in relation to use of plants and animals in the local environment.  Cultural workshops are planned for each grade level.
  • Organisation of art/craft activities and gardening workshops to build student knowledge of indigenous plants and significant animals.  The school will seek the participation of local artists, elders and family members to assist.
  • Development of the indigenous garden around the new school buildings and installation of student artwork.

Welcome to Country Ceremony – Orbost Regional Health Service

It is planned to hold a ‘Welcome to Country’ Ceremony for the local community, offering gifts to babies and children from the Orbost Elders.  Cultural activities will also be organised for the day.  It is hoped that the launch of the “Birth Stories” (a collection of indigenous birth stories) will be celebrated as well.

The event included: –

  • Aboriginal Mums to be involved in making a child sized possum skin cloak to use in ceremonies, culture days etc.
  • Hold a ‘Welcome to Country’ Ceremony for the Koori community, offering gifts to babies from Orbost Elders.
  • Provide cultural activities for the day and fun activities for children.
  • Provide a celebratory lunch.
  • Launch the Birth Stories Book (and antenatal packs from M&CH).


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